Sunday, July 22, 2018

Day 791

Every day some new bit of drama.

On the plus side the new puppy is really getting acclimated to doing his business only on the puppy-pads which is a big help. There’s still a -long- way to go but I can see progress in a week so that’s something. Also on the plus side I did -not- eat All The Carbs today.

On the minus side both Eldest and MiL saw fit to act out.

But hey, sober and in bed at 9:30 for the win.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Day 790

Today was much better.

Of course the bar was set awfully low.

I’m still kinda heartbroken about Middle whenever I stop to think about it but for good or bad I’m only able to think about it here and there whenever other stuff isn’t taking precedence.

However I got at least two if not three good hours of knitting time in so that felt vacation-y. Shame that it’s my next to last vacation day to feel like that but better late than never.

Also a pair of pants that were too small when I bought them fit now — that was pretty cool.

It’s the middle of summer but I’ve god cracked chapped hands from washing them so much. Sigh. But it’s incrementally better each day.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Day 789

What. A. Day.

I think I mentioned that our son, the Middle Child who is living at home and commuting to nearby state college (math major; starts his senior year next month) turned 21 on Tuesday. I know I mentioned yesterday’s work reception going really well. I was happy about that although new shoes meant my feet were killing me before it was over - might have mentioned that too. 

The dogs even let me have a decent amount of sleep last night. However as I was sitting down to breakfast this morning at 7 ish, our son called, surprised to be waking up at the hospital.  The local hospital for a town of 2000. The local hospital where I work as a department chief which is why I had the shindig the night before. He needed picked up and a female voice on the phone called out to bring a change of clothes. 

So I went to his room and found pants and a shirt but went nuts looking for underwear. Who the fuck runs out of -underwear- for fucks sake?!? Grabbed yesterday’s pair off the floor - fuck it. 

Then I went on a -very- long 6-mile drive to the hospital. Apparently he got blackout drunk and mouthy as hell at the for-locals (as opposed to tourists) bar. No legal issues of any kind, praise be. I had been so worried. Could have been helluva lot worse. So. Much. Worse.  He did not seem to appreciate that aspect of things - well not at 7:30 in the morning still half-drunk from the night before - but I certainly do. 

He was hauled into the ED to sleep it off; was in disposable scrubs when I arrived due to puking. I confirmed with hospita security officer there was no legal wrongdoing . Officer also explained that he was in a crisis (psych) unit bed because he had “some salty language” which was disturbing others, said “hey you had sober friends driving” ( which did my heart good) and returned his belongings. 

Later that morning his sober friend showed up at the house to return his cellphone and fill in the details. Apparently everyone bought my (5’5”, 130 lbs, jeans waist 30”) son shots because of the recent birthday and bihghawd he drank all of them. After having eaten zero food that day.  “Tried to start three fights” which I think means pushed some people and then was outside loudly and violently vomiting when law enforcement showed up and made his friend take him to the ED - ensured compliance by following in the police vehicle. They got to ED and there were “seven sheriffs” who likely happened to be there for other reasons but when son was put in wheelchair & saw all of them he decided in his drunken state to make a run for it (?!!?) and was grabbed, thrown against a wall and handcuffed -then- wheeled into ED. 

Apparently he settled down after that.

On top of a home repair and the three beagles that was just one thing too many. I’m shot. Emotionally exhausted and morally bankrupt (that’s a quote from MASH which is a TV show that hasn’t aged particularly well imho.)

I have been eating All The Carbs today for the first day in a long time and don’t even care. 

Fortunately the beagles are starting to act less crazy all day long. But damn, just damn.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Day 788

Long day. The work thing went great but damn three dogs is a lot. I’m doing it and even still getting knitting time in but it’s more tiring than I expected.

Club soda pineapple juice was a great drink. Very refreshing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Day 787

Long day. The boy dogs -love- to play with each other but it gets tiresome after a while and just doing the food/walks/gated areas routine is draining. Puppies are -lots- of work.

Then the furnace went out. No hot water. Joy. They fixed it but I really didn’t need One More Thing.

But bed now praise be. 

Day 786 and a half

Didn’t post last night. Sorry about that - usually it’s the last thing before bed and I think this makes the third or maybe fourth time I’ve missed since I started this journey. Nothing bad...just the chaos of a new puppy interacting with the established dogs. I had forgotten. SO glad I took the week off as night before last - first night of all 3 dogs - I got very broken sleep and last night I had to take all the toys away because the two boy dogs thought playing keepaway at midnight was s fine thing. They’re chasing each other right now in fact. The girl dog, who is the oldest, can’t be bothered but my dog thinks the puppy is the greatest thing ever and vice versa.

While I was out yesterday I heard an ad on the radio that totally stunned me: it was for “Arnold Palmer Spiked Iced Tea.” WTF?!!?  That’s like an ad for Roy Rogers beer or Shirley Temple wine and I just can’t figure out who in the world thought this was a good idea. Clearly the company knows what an Arnold Palmer _is_ because the ad mentioned half tea and half lemonade but ferpitysake doesn’t anyone remember why it’s called that?!? The booze industry sucks.

Sobriety, however, rocks. I can’t imagine doing this puppy business hung over.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Day 785

Long day but good one.Brought Spouse and dogs (yes, plural - they got a puppy down there) back up here and I’m so happy to have him home a while. Boy is there a lot of dogs.

I’m so happy to be sober. No way could I keep up if I were still drinking.