Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 5 Morning Quickie

Just wanted to say that today was the first day I woke up feeling truly good.  Also very thirsty.

Although the difference between a morning after drinking and the morning after Day 1 is always big I think part of what makes the Day 2-4 hump hard is that you don't really keep feeling incrementally better each morning, or at least I didn't. Last time (the 202 days) it took every bit of a whole week before I had a really good morning.

I think that's part of why in the immediately-past 6 weeks and many times over the past decade I would start to quit then fail around Days 3 & 4. 


  1. Then a big congrats to making it to Day 5!!! Yay! Thank you for your continued sharing and I hope you keep feeling great!!!

  2. Awesome that you got to day 5! You go!