Monday, May 23, 2016


Only two days and I have comments!  And followers!  THANKS for the support--this is fantastic.  Exactly what I was hoping to do with "try different."  Y'all rock.

The workday will be kicking off momentarily so I must run soon but had to share that yes it -was- a way better morning. Just as I had hoped.

Oh sure, I started at the "gee I could really use a couple hours more sleep" and today seems to be a Thirsty Day (somewhere between days 3 and 7 you -- well I, anyhow -- get horribly thirsty and just can't drink enough unsweetened beverages) but...

1) No waking up at 12-something AND at 1-something both to go to the toilet.
2) No waking up again at 3-something with the horrible sweaty yucky heart-pounding feelings.
3) No dizzy, no headache.
4)...and also 5) because it counts double: No self-loathing.

I'm pleased with myself.  But still very much fighting complacency because I know Days 4 - 10 are the toughest of the lot.


  1. They are tough but you can do this!! Blogging helped me immensely. Keep at it!!

  2. Keep going! You're doing really well. It's amazing how us bloggers find you isn't it? That really helped me in the beginning too.