Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 378

What a day.

Took a personal day for the dryer repair person and then got an email at 8:36 saying arrival time would be between 11:30 and 1:30. Got a text at 1:15 telling me the service person was en route. The guy arrived at 1:40 and I just didn't care for him.

Anyhow the reason another part in the dryer failed in so short a time is because the dryer vent not only runs many feet (15 perhaps) between the kitchen floor and basement ceiling but then goes UP to a vent some 10 feet or so above ground level. The vent near the ground outside turns out to be for the range. So even if I did hire someone to put a zillion dropcloths over the vintage computers, remove the acoustic tile and thoroughly clean the ductwork the problem would only recur because of the design. And there isn't a good solution because as the repairman noticed, the laundry room is in the middle of the house.

Once again the house has painfully reminded me there are REASONS why we have the profession "architect."  We are the second owners of this house. The first owners were the ones who had it blueprints they themselves had designed on one of those Eighties computer programs that aren't even made any more. Blueprints which they then shopped around to local contractors with the lowest bids. Every. Single. Time. We've had repairmen (yes, still always men in these parts) in for -anything- at some point I always hear "why did they do THAT?"

So this was a bitter but not unfamiliar pain. Two trips to the hardware store later and I've got the dryer venting into the garage for now but it looks ridiculous and means the garage door is now permanently open the width of slightly-smushed dryer air hose. But after damned near a month of heat less dryer we will adapt.

Dog acted up, brother in law acted up and the whole dryer inciden unnerved me enough that I screwed up my knitting and had to rip out a good hour-plus of work.

All that and the husband of an Internet acquaintance died. It was somewhat expected and he was 91 but it's still sad.

Carry-out for dinner and Not. One. Other. Thing. the whole rest of the night...except for re-doing the knitting I lost.

As I told Spouse on the phone, I am _really_good_ at coping. Highly capable.

But tired.


  1. Man, I hate ripping out rows. I've been looking for a new knitting project, what are you doing? I haven't checked in with your blog in quite a while and I have to say I noticed a glaring ommission. I don't see one dang word about drinking! Good for you! Life finally takes over the way it's supposed to. BTW, I keep having issues with heatless dryers too and I keep telling the DH we have way too much vent hose.

    1. It's true; I really haven't thought about booze...too much other stuff going on. Not foolish enough to think it will last forever but it's nice for right now.

      My knitting is a lace scarf which was a free pattern on Ravelry and it's only 4 pattern rows and straightforward at that but for some reason it hasn't been flowing well. Maybe it will click tomorrow.

  2. Oh boy!
    You ARE good at coping!!

    1. Thanks! On -both- trips to the hardware store I thought about having a crying jag in the car but didn't because then I'd just look wrecked in the store and it's a small town. Never did get to have the tantrum I kept promising myself :)

  3. Yes, a good architect is vital. I'm sure any house I drew up on my own would be horrible!
    Good coping!

    1. Thanks! I'm still not used to having a Teletubbies hose keeping the garage door open but Functional Dryer makes up for a lot.