Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 377

Okay day.

Made sure I had a substantial snack and extra caffeine around 3 and hey, presto! No sad/angry/resentful in the early evening. Seems like I'm overlooking physical issues like fatigue or hunger and attributing those things to emotion. Don't know where that came from but going to be working on it.

Stupid dryer repair customer service was supposed to text/email today to narrow down the arrival window from "between 8am and 5pm."  They texted and emailed...but only to confirm the SAME all-day window not narrow it down to morning or afternoon. Tried to get someone to pin it down morebut no luck whatsoever.

So I'm taking a personal day. Annoying but no other good choices. On the other hand it gives me another 3-day weekend and who doesn't like three day weekends?

I just hope it is an easy quick fix -- every single one of us has a bigger than usual pile of laundry.


  1. I hate that!
    I have to wait all day...but I am glad to get something fixed.
    I am lucky, Mr. UT can fix most things.
    PS -Day 377..Awesome!

  2. Thanks! When I stop to think about it this many days does feel pretty awesome. :)