Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 384

Not a great day.

The lunch with friends wasn't that great, work was both busy and depressing and Eldest is having a rough adjustment to her only-one-but-accelerated law school class so I'm hearing a lot about that.

Plus Spouse has this running gag about getting another dog and I'm not inaplace to find that funny if it's a joke or acceptable if it's serious. But the dog I -do- own has a yeasty ear.  Got a bad case of Too Many Things Going On.

So I had two different kinds of carbs for dinner and went to bed early.

Despite everything that three hundred and eighty freaking four number is pretty cool.


  1. I had popcorn and a bowl of cereal for dinner!
    We had nothing in the house to eat.
    It is a cool number!

    1. Thanks! Cereal is a fine dinner; milk makes it a complete protein and it's fortified! Plus popcorn has fiber :)

  2. You don't even want to know how many carbs I had yesterday, actually you probably do, it would make you feel vastly better about your carbs. I swear to God, my attempts at controlling my eating habits are constant flashbacks to trying to control my drinking. 384 is freaking fantastic and 385 is even better. Take it from me, if someone is joking about getting another dog, they're eventually going to get another dog. I'm the joker in my family.

    1. Eating is -way- harder than drinking, at least for me. I'm only now -after- a year of sobriety trying little baby steps with not -continuing- to eat past the full stage, like trying to make sure I'm all the way to -hungry- before I eat and simultaneously eating when I -am- hungry even if that isn't when anyone else is eating. At the same time I'm trying to like my body exactly as it is, right now, even though I never lost ounce one from sobering up. I'm definitely-healthier- sober: not as our of breath doing stuff, not as tired or achy.