Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 380

Another not-great day.

So not-great, in fact, that on the way to the grocery I thought "why even bother?" as some vague reference to booze, drugs and mass quantities of highly refined sugar. Haven't succumbed to any. That alone makes this day a huge win.

Ways the day was not-great:
1) The recipe I've been wanting to try for over a month didn't turn out very well because the frozen peaches were of poor quality.
2) The home engineered dryer vent situation needed further adjustments.
3) The basement radiator which I had repaired a while back, has started leaking again. Not nearly as much as before but not zero either.

Those three alone were enough to do me in before shopping this morning...but the day had yet more in store:  Eldest's very favorite college professor died earlier this week, it is raining -again- and while doing yard clean up I noticed wood around one of the bay windows which really needs work.

Fortunately the rain caused Youngest to decide -not- to have the parking practice she wanted earlier in the day...I suppose that's something. I hadn't been looking forward to it.


Well I'm doing a little better. It's just now 7 and I have ALL the evening chores done so if I feel like just going to sleep on the couch I can. Also since I finally had freshly washed bedding I washed the dog and then myself so that's a good way to start the week. Life goes on and the horrible becomes manageable whether I drink or not...and in fact it's better when I don't. Every time a really rotten thing happens and I deal with it all sober that's another brick in the temple of self esteem.


  1. A fresh dog, fresh laundry, and a fresh you, sounds perfect!

    1. Thanks! The clean sheets were -awfully- nice

  2. And don't forget the biggest plus-no hangover tomorrow! Some days are blah-but for me, no matter how blah or hard they may be, they are not as interminably long and hellish as a day with a hangover. At least that's the way I remember them.

    You done good.

    1. Thanks. You are right - no matter how bad the day it is always better _not_ having a hangover the next morning on top of all else. Every problem from the previous day might still be there and a new one might have sprouted but at least none are self-induced sickness!