Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 499

Nobody ever writes grocery shopping into their novels. Even in the stunningly brilliant (Amazon's Best of 2015) one I'm reading now the food is already there being cooked, being eaten, making plot points...but never being purchased. The weekly trip really rubbed me the wrong way today; can you tell?

Other than that it was an okay day. Bought myself two new mail order scrub tops for work as my Day   500 present - then turned around and spent the same amount of money on frigging drain-fly goo because no matter how often I remind the kid with dish duty to empty the sink and clean the drain screens regularly they seem to think "regularly"means in the celestial or possibly geologic sense. Oh well; it's a relatively easy fix.

A bright note: Middle will be quitting smoking this week. Praise be and how I hope it sticks. It's a group project he and several friends are doing. Not sure there's any analogy with quitting drinking and even if there were I wouldn't want to -say- anything as I'm sure it wouldn't be well-received but I did make sure he's got a Zyban script waiting in the wings.

I really hope it's a good week. As another Day 500 present actually ON the day I gave myself permission to skip my dumb noon meeting tomorrow. That should help.

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