Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 407

Better day. Did everything I wanted to do: wash bedding, ABL haircut, stop by office and finish up work ... and finally have that damned ice cream cone. Sat in the one empty booth all by myself to eat it too, which may well have ticked off the two women behind me getting iced coffee who got stuck with the talk table but too bad.

MiL was annoying with her attempts to be manipulative today but I didn't let it get to me. Easier not to do that when not all emotionally akimbo from overdrinking the night before.

I was just sitting here reflecting on one of the many totally unexpected benefits of sobriety: clean sheets. In my drinking days I never had my act together enough to get the bed stripped and remade in a timely fashion and when falling into it all drunk I never cared anyway. Even with all the night sweats. Now though it seems just a logical bit of self-kindness. I'm not up to every week yet, which is what that book _Unfuck Your Habitat_ recommends but it's still "way more often." I can't remember the last time I changed the sheets twice in the same month. Undergrad, maybe.

In any case that nice fresh bed will be waiting for me in a bit and I just had a nice bath to go with it. If I had known hust how _much_ better life would be without booze maybe I would have started sooner.  Still...better now than never and it gives a -lot- of time back so that's all good.


  1. This is so true about the sheets!
    I love fresh sheets and change them once a week now!
    Hubs still doesn't think we have too,...ugh...until I show him how many yucky things are alive on them!

  2. I'm hoping to eventually get to weekly myself, actually. :) It -is- just lots nicer.