Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 422

Productive day.

Made cinnamon rolls in the morning but they didn't turn out very well. Recipe warns against over-baking so I took them out too soon and the center one was pretty much still raw and had to be pitched  plus the icing wasn't great. But ya live ya learn.

The evening was when stuff really happened. I learned fifty is SO not forty which is so not thirty. Finally couldn't stand our staircase upstairs hallway one day has grubby stained up wall to wall carpeting with a puppy-chewed spot and the "puppy"is now two and a half. I discovered there was enough leftover vinyl stickum tile from re-doing the laundry room to do boom it was gonna be a go. Started demo tonight and I am BEAT. I did staircase and I was SO happy Youngest was interested because she was -good- help.  She ripped ou the hallway carpeting and I am glad of it because there was no way I could have done both on same night and trash day is tomorrow. Hallway still needs staples pulled and it all needs more vacuuming but getting nasty wall to wall carpeting out is a good start.

I just hope I can make it all look better. Staircase will have to be stained and then polyurethane-d and I haven't done any painting sorts of stuff for ages.

I also wish Spouse and Middle were a bit more enthusiastic but hey, the project can move forward anyhow.

Praise be for Motrin PM - took two and am in bed. Gotta work tomorrow but I will be stopping by the hardware store on my way home.


  1. I love how we all get to those moments where are just "done" and must take action. Hmm....kind of like with drinking!