Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 413

Long day. Worked till three then hit the road for other house.

Finally got here a bit past 8. Road repair put me a freaking hour behind schedule. My family of balloonheads did not even think of getting some food and having it waiting. Like the good local pizza I always want when I'm here. Fortunately they had leftovers. They remembered the booze, of course...which I don't do any more. Also my son in law has such bad BO today it stays in the room after he leaves...not sure whatinhell is up with that since it has never happened before.  Fortunately they are all cool with me having early bedtime so that's what I did. Bed with phone reading now; start over fresh in the morning.


  1. Now that I'm in bed I can objectively say that it -was- a better day. Still huge room for improvement but not being stuck in traffic for an hour makes it less bad.