Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 420

A year and six weeks. That feels pretty good. Haven't really lost any physical weight but I've lost so much emotional weight it's a fine trade-off. I like who I am so much better now.

For example: I wanted oatmeal cookies pretty badly earlier in the week so I picked up a bag of Pepperidge Farm Sausalitos. Figured you can trust Pepperidge Farm, right? Wrong. They sucked. Lots. To me anyhow - other people must think they are swell or they wouldn't be selling for a little more than 40 cents per cookie. So fine...only option is to make some. Which I did tonight...but due to not putting the butter out to soften till after dinner I didn't even start the process till almost ten. That just would not have happened on a drinking Friday night. Or worse: would have happened badly. Now, though, I have a rack full of Scotchies and Spouse has already said "you make really good cookies." I like raisins better but I'm definitely the minority in this house and butterscotch chips are plenty tasty plus they have a cool factor because I remember when they came out.

Anyhow it was a good way to end the day and I plan on having several for breakfast.


  1. I'd gain 30 pounds at your house!!
    You would lose weight because I would eat them all!
    REAL butter is the ONLY way!

  2. Oh yes real butter is the only way to go.