Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 410

That's a really good number and I'm happy it keeps creeping up day by day.

Happy I got a lot of knitting done too. If I stick at my two current projects I'll have a couple nice things but with fine yarn and small gauge it's gonna take five-ever. (That's an expression I swiped from Youngest.)

But for choosing not to do any sort of celebrating this day still had -way- too much family drama. Shower-go-to-bed-at-nine levels of family drama.

But hey, it makes work look good so that's something. Plus I won $10 on a one-dollar scratch-off lottery card* so that's something too.

I'm thinking it's about time to take myself for lunch again...maybe tomorrow.

*I know lotteries are considered by many to be a voluntary stupidity tax but I grew up ina state which didn't allow -any- form of gambling till I was almost done with college so I still find lottery-ticket _vending_machines_ a novelty. I never waste more than $2 at a time and always play the one with the highest odds of winning (50% if you count free plays.)


  1. I like a little gambling now and then. I'm on my way to vegas. I'll probably "donate" some money to the craps tables. But none to the booze sellers!

  2. Craps - cool! I've played blackjack but never done the dice thing though I find it intriguing. Go you!