Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 431

Not a great day.

My whole team got completely ambushed in a phone meeting today - thanks affiliate manager. Nothing like being told we were having a meeting about the strategy for rolling out a pre-agreed-upon X and then it turning out to be us rolling out X to a hostile audience with the implication that X was not fully decided. Quite unpleasant.

Got good and mad about the tourist thrombi everywhere but especially in the doorway/cart area of the supermarket. Not a good place to have a big ol' discussion.

Also starting to get really tired of it just being -assumed- that I will be the calm and emotionally stable person ready to support whichever family member is having crisis du jour. I mean yeah I -am- usually competent and calm but it would sure be nice to get as much attention paid to my state of mind as it is to the more volatile players. Yes that's resentment and no it isn't particularly healthy or happy. I tried to make this evening all about doing the bare minimum of obligations so as to not -keep- all those pebbles of resentment but I think I only partially succeeded. Time for bed with a good book.

Tomorrow will be a whole new day. Maybe something wonderful will happen.

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