Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 430

Long day.

Was just exhausted most of the day: slept a good 45 minutes past my usual time and then felt like I was dragging myself uphill through mud all morning...and had yet more driving: the "Big Loop" of two separate site visits. Was all set to have a leisurely lunch afterwards but then I got so mad at Navient (the student loan company) that o realized it would be an utter waste since all I wanted to do was get back to my office so I could sit at my desk for what I expected to be a lengthy phone call.

It was storming hard when I got to the town where I had planned to eat so a drive thru worked out well after all...and by the time I got back to my office Spouse had investigated and solved the problem without my having to call. So that was good.

Didn't manage to get much done anyhow though. Stayed exhausted till after dinner then I caught my second wind and now I'm all alert...bullying down trying to unwind anyhow. Pleased with how the day wound up even if the dryer -is- broken again. Got everything done and even when I was really angry I figured out how to deal with the anger. This is still a fairly big deal as anger was the emotion which sent me to booze faster than any other. Not any more.


  1. Anger is a tricky emotion. It can help me and hurt me at the same time.
    If I carry the anger around and make it into a resentment, then I am the one who is hurt.