Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 418

The family drama continues.

I've done a surprisingly good job of not stress-eating All The Carbs. No thoughts about having a drink, either, even though it's around.

Did a decent job of not letting the pebbles build up in my bag of resentment, too. Oh sure I was working on a big haul but then made the conscious effort to let it go.

Been having -crazy- vivid dreams though. Not quite nightmare but unpleasant all the same. Still...waking up out of a dream full of rats is better than waking up with a racing heart all covered in flop-sweat.


  1. I'm going to start blogging like you do until I get to 100 days. Maybe then I'll keep going. I think there is something to this blogging thing. I don't even have much family drama so I really should be able to quit!!

  2. I found it to be the one extra thing which did the trick. In the early days it was a way to stay accountable: if I posted every single day it not only kept sobriety higher in my mind but also meant that if I did slip up I'd have to write about it and at least a few times that was enough to sit out the craving. Then it became a ritual of its own - a positive end-of-day thing. A daily connection with other people who Get It about the whole overdrinking thing has become a new and good part of my life...and it's just a me-thing but it is lots easier to do something Every. Single. Day. than to pick some pattern because occasionally turns so quickly to never in my hands. All best wishes - just keep at it and one of the times will take root and grow.