Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 421

For a day basically hanging around the house it was sure full of emotions. Ups, downs, name it. But not treating -any- of them with alcohol means I'm all calm and ready to wind down for good sleep and that's a huge and powerful thing. 

Got quite a bit of knitting done today too. Almost done with the first pattern repeat of my new cabled cardigan. The back and sides are done as one big piece and it's an extra large at something like six stitches per inch so each row takes a while. 

Making cinnamon rolls for brunch tomorrow - would never have planned that for a Sunday morning a couple years ago. Oh and speaking of food the whole family loved the oatmeal scotchies. Big hit there. 

Looking forward to sleeping in. 


  1. Wow, cinnamon rolls, great job! Woke up to this starving thank you very much, lol.

  2. I know!! SamKD makes the best stuff!!
    Now I want cookies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls!
    Hubs would love you, SamKD!

  3. Aww...thanks for kind words! The rolls didn't turn out all that well but there's always another weekend morning. I never get tired of being -functional- from the moment my feet hit the floor.