Monday, August 7, 2017

Day 444

Hard day.

Youngest didn't pass the driving test. We both took it badly in part because it seemed very arbitrary: examiner running way late, the reasons given were kinda vague and also stunningly similar to the ones given to the driver ahead of us (also failed) but two aborted tests meant he went from being a full half-hour behind to only 8 minutes behind schedule.

Then there was the whole retest scheduling fiasco. One exam site per county in our area meant that the next available exam was next week but in the city with the nearest airport and would mean driving completely across that city to get to an exam site in a part of town down by the river with many auto body shops. This would require leaving the house every bit of 2.5 hours early to allow for rush hour traffic and me driving places I'd never been before. Plus she scheduled that exam without so much as asking me first. I agreed and started altering my work schedule for that week but asked her to at least -check- the available test times at a place only one hour away and in so doing she lost the next-week spot and ALL sites only had dates in late September who knows why?

Anyhow she was very mad at me but she now has a test at our local ten-minutes-from-home site...on Sept 25.  Sigh.

Plus dogs acting up plus ABL acting up plus Middle sullen and Eldest anxious...all with a heaping helping of menopause hormones. Oh and MiL was in the mix too.

Fun day.

But I survived as did everyone else and now I'm in bed and so is the dog. Tomorrow I can catch up at work and it's restaurant night so that's all good.

Sober is all good too.