Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Day 460

Wow 460 is a pretty big number. Cool.

I keep meaning to do something nice for myself in celebration of 15 months but keep putting it off. At the rate I'm going it will be 16 months before I treat myself! Probably not as treats are important but still.

Tonight I discovered that the (empty rinsed cat litter) plastic jugs in which I keep water for power outages (we lose power we lose the well pump) had leaked from the laundry room into the basement. That's very few words to encompass a good hour of fact finding and worry because it started with discovering water dripping from the acoustical-tile ceiling of the basement far too close to vintage computers so those had to be moved before anything else happened then the tiles had to be moved and the whole time I was thinking "plumber-money-plumber-money." Only after I got a light and a step stool could I figure out that it wasn't an actual pipe at all...and from there I backtracked to the laundry room. Much shuffling in a tiny space to get the hugs out and I still haven't cleaned up the mess on either level the way I'd like but I do have a fan on the basement ceiling and an immense amount of gratitude that it -wasnt- some big plumbing issue.

Still wondering how hugs of water that had been fine for months and months suddenly started leaking but have made a very conscious decision not to pursue that line of questioning any further as I have absolutely no evidence to support any hypothesis. It can be gremlins or evil spirits or space aliens - the problem was found and fixed and that's what matters.

Boy I'm glad to have the coolheadedness that those 15 months have given me though - I just Dealt Woth Things. No big emotions, just getting the job done.

Sure hope tomorrow is better though.


  1. I am so glad I am sober, too! I love being able to handle the hard things better.
    Lately though, I am so tired. I am not getting sleep which is still an issue for me. Makes me eat too much and overreact a little more.
    I hope you have a good weekend!!

  2. I hope you do too! With sleep! :)