Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 449

Good day.

Slept in till nearly 8 then finally cleaned the front porch - only took about 15 min total but was several years (yes years) in building up to "just do it already." I think I secretly thought Someone Else could/should/would do it. Or something. But in any case now the whole front way into the house - porch & hall/stairs - is clean and perked up. Thinking of paying myself the $10 I would usually give a kid to clean hallway & bathroom tomorrow.

Big news though is that we set up to buy Middle's car. He totally fell in love with one that had been the loaner vehicle for when people dropped off their cars for multi-day service so it already had about 2k miles which meant not really new which meant better price. Glad it worked out the way it did. We pick it up Monday after work and although he is trying to downplay it I can tell he is-super- excited and I am just so happy to see -something- giving him such positive emotion for a change.

Big storm knocked out cable and internet a big chunk of the night - I tried to be stoic.

Stayed up too late & got too sleepy but that's okay. My sleep will be restful, not fitful.


  1. I really need to clean the house! It's all picked up, but needs a real good dusting, etc. M
    Maybe tomorrow!! Or Next week! LOL

  2. I can -always- find stuff to do instead! (I did get the important parts of the bathroom done though: towels, toilet and trash.) my great grandmother used to say "Lord deliver me from never having anything better to do than cleaning the house" and I think it bred true. :)