Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 142

Such an up/down day.

Grocery was crowded at barely 8 on Sunday morning. That sucked. The bialy I got for breakfast was good though, so that helped.

The whole load of resentment I've been carrying about a kitchen repair came to a head today. A while back we needed the fridge reapaired which was fine but the serviceman accidentally tore our vinyl flooring while moving it. He was apologetic, we were understanding and Sears was notified of the whole thing right away. That was all good. Not so good is the fact that I have to get two estimates for Sears' insurance company. The first of these is tomorrow morning which meant today was the day to clean the kitchen. Given that I've already got a Cinderella thing going about being up here working at my -job- while all 3 kids and my son-in-law are down in the other house with Spouse you can imagine how well having to -clean- was going over.

Especially the floor. It is a big kitchen and the floor hasn't been cleaned in far too long. I broke the surfaces up into five-minute bits and that wasn't too bad. Sweeping wasn't all that horrible either but when it came time to get down there with a bucket and a scrubby-sponge and some cleaning rags I had worked myself into a first class snit. Got the little bit right in front of the fridge done and about the same amount to one side and was glad the family called because it meant a break but then I still had all the rest to do and was getting more and more worked up -- bag of resentment clear full not just with pebbles but some good-sized rocks.

Then I remembered: the carpet cleaning machine works on bare floors. Hot damn.

Floor done; bag of resentment emptied. Had dinner and a shower and everything was grand

Till I discovered one of the baseboard heaters in the basement has been leaking. That happened just now and since I was going to bed anyhow that's where I am but now with the knowledge I will have to call yet another repair person tomorrow. Crap.  And since the whole basement-finishing project is still a sore point between me and Spouse because the contractor for whom I argued and won turned out to be fly-by-night, inexperienced and borderline crooked (the other heating unit in the basement leaked like this several years back) I've got an unpleasant conversation in my future too.

I'm surprised I'm not more angry, anxious and upset. Maybe it hasn't kicked in yet but I'd like to think it's because my brain realizes that it isn't worth tearing myself up inside about this -- it needs fixed so it will get fixed.

I'm also surprised - but very pleased - that in looking back over this day and all it contained I didn't want to drink.

Still...I'm more than ready for something unexpected and -good- to happen y'know?

Post Scriptum: Just spoke with Spouse who was stunningly sanguine about the whole thing. How 'bout that? I guess that qualifies as "unexpected and -good-." At the risk of seeming ungrateful I wouldn't mind something -else- unexpected and good though.

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