Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 150

Today was better still.

Long walk in the morning with day two of my first ever audiobook and it was great. Much better than music or podcasts; I'm just sad it is a novella and thus will probably be over too quickly. Will have to get something equally engaging after it is over.

Finally starting to relax and accept the vacation for what it is. "Don't push the river; it flows by itself" was a common pop-psych phrase of my childhood so I think I've stopped pushing the river. 

There wasn't anything good at the dimestore but I did better about not getting too hungry and it clearly helped.

No cravings at all.

The sleep could be better though; I woke up at 3:24, 4:26, 5:23, 6:09, 6:39 and then finally for the day at 7:09. The numbers are clustered enough that I'm wondering if maybe it was a TV in a different part of the house - the family all like to pick one of the many series we have on the media server and play a whole season all through the night. I wear earplugs but still.

Being away from work is definitely terrific.

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