Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 151

A good day.

Contemplative but good. Continued with my long-walk-first-thing-in-the-morning practice and will miss it when vacation is over. Got a new audiobook for tomorrow. Watched I, Claudius again after many years.

"Contemplative" because I've been thinking about my mother a lot. This coming Friday would be her 75th birthday had she not drunk herself into a premature death three and a half years ago. Also the knitting I brought with me is a project to use the yarn from her apartment - it sat in a copier-paper box till just a few months ago. She's been in my thoughts a lot today. Never in a positive way.

To make a clean sweep of it - or perhaps to add insult to injury - I went rummaging through the Internet to check on my long-estranged father. He doesn't do FB but his fourth wife does so I found a couple of recent pictures. Odd to stare at them only to see someone aged so much I doubt I would recognize him on the street out of context.

All of the above is really weird but triggered neither the drinking urge nor the overeating urge. That pleases me quite a bit.

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