Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 157

Weird day.

Last vacation day and I'm just not at all looking forward to work tomorrow. It should be an easy day but I'm still not a bit excited.

Made caramel bars from a FaceBook recipe today - I wasn't all that impressed but Middle and ABL seemed to like them okay. Most of them are going with me to work though as they are exceedingly rich: whole pound of butter, both regular and powdered sugar, more than one whole bag of caramels.

Took a walk and that went fine. What did not go do fine was the inspection on the car I drove yesterday: one of the tires has a big bulgy spot. Mechanic said it looked like the tire had hit a pothole or curb and cracked the inside lining/layer in that spot -- the dinged paint on the rim right there supports that theory. Both rear tires will have to be replaced so it is an unexpected and expensive bill but if the tire had popped while I was driving back yesterday ABL and/or I could have been seriously  injured or killed so it is all relative.

THAT was seriously weird: the oh-how-unknowingly-close-we-came part. But it is over now.

Also changed some light bulbs today -  that felt like an accomplishment. Ended up with eight things in my to-do list and got seven done - that felt good too.

Despite everything there were no booze thoughts at all, not even briefly. Glad of that.

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