Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 160

Long day.

Work not so great as I was running around from place to place most of the day and didn't get lunch till 3pm. WAY too cranky-hungry for a while.

Once I got home things improved though - chilled out first with Minecraft then a sewing project: case for my new phone's earbuds. It was late when I started and I first had to play Towers of Hanoi with storage boxes to get access to my long-disused sewing stuff so I only got as far as making the insert but that's fine as I'm not at all sure how to assemble the bag. Sleeping on it may help.

Oh and not drinking really pays off in the blood pressure department too: had my annual physical today and the same touch of losartan which barely kept me in the 130s over high 80s when it had to fight against a half pint of vodka a night now has me at 108 over 61. All the walking the past two weeks is probably helping too but in any case it is evidence that sobriety improves health.

Speaking of which, the health maintenance reading material I got said "if you decide to drink alcohol drink no more than one serving per day with the "" in bold text. That was new. 

There'a more stuff but it is late and I am tired so perhaps another day.

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