Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 170

"Fall back" day.

Yes, the change for daylight savings time was today so it is 8:40 and I'm in bed for the night. Feels like -ten- forty rather than nine forty like you'd think it ought. Probably because completely-effing-DARK by 5:30 was a shock to the system. Having light in the early morning was nice but it will probably take every bit of a week to get used to this dark nonsense.

In any case I got all my stuff done including a walk - in a new direction for a change: uphill the whole way out but that meant downhill the whole way back. Did some sewing, ordered the yarn for my red sweater and started a crocheted lap blanket using random numbers to decide which of the colors in the set I grabbed from stash will come next. I'm kind of stunned that I've got - and am planning on keeping - one each of sewing, knitting and crochet projects going on...haven't had this much creative drive in I-can't-remember-when. It may not last but I'm enjoying it while it does.

But not any more today as I am bushed.


  1. I hate the time changes we have!
    Same here for us in Minnesota!
    Sleep well!

  2. We fell back last week so I am all caught up on the changes. Every year I gate this change as it means I am walking my dogs in the dark. Between now and the shortest day in December I am a grumbling shuffling misery guts on my walks, then after Dec 23 I know we get 5 minutes extra light each day and I await the return of the geese.
    Well done on your walking regimen, like your blogging you are consistent to say the least.