Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 184

Morning, actually. Not even nine yet.

I don't start posts in the morning because I'm still a bit superstitious of whatever the day might bring but I've had the cranky pants of late and wanted to share something right away even if it's comes off as pretty much just schadenfreude. The big winter holiday season is nigh upon us which means everyone will be pushing alcohol even more than they already do...and if holding tight to this feeling will help me maybe knowing about it will help someone else and it is this:

There is nothing quite so calming and satisfying as waking up sober after a night of alcohol-fueled emotional chaos. Nothing. Knowing you were sober the night before, that you slept a restful sleep and are now totally ready to face the new day while others around you are in varying stages of sleep and is both a supreme endorsement of the rightness behind choosing sobriety and a humbling reminder of what could have been. It isn't "pride" in the usual sense of the word but definitely is "a complete lack of shame" which I suppose might be considered pride. In any case it is the internal from-me-to-me warm fuzzy that I didn't realize quite how badly I needed till I got it.

Plus it is Sunday morning which is always a nice time to be sober. I made biscuits for the family (just Bisquik; I'm lazy) and got them the perfect degree of done-ness...two with butter and honey have satisfied body along with soul. Hitting "save" for now.

Twelve Hours Later:

Y'know what I discovered today? A good way to get little splinters of glass off a textured linoleum floor is to use one of those lint rollers that is basically big masking tape sticky side out. Also that shoveling snow doesn't aggravate tendinitis right away but several hours later? Ohmahghawd. That's the main reason I'm in bed for the night at barely 8:30: to get the hell off that ankle/leg and get it elevated so the swelling goes down some.

Impending Thanksgiving still pretty much sucks but it is being totally handled by others. I have nominated myself Primary Beagle-Minder so as to have an excuse to be away from my unpleasant in-laws and the inevitable alcohol.

Despite fallout from last night, the weather and the stupid leg I still got everything done that I wanted to accomplish today. That always feels good. Didn't overeat -quite- as much, either. Also good.


  1. Good that you've got Thanksgiving covered. Celebrations in our family are totally booze-soaked too so I'm trying not to project to Christmas, which will be my big challenge.
    And there is nothing lazy about using Bisquik to bake! Hope your tendinitis has calmed down. :)
    SO x

  2. I've done a few birthday celebrations lately where everyone has been drinking (Some heavily). It's usually okay until about 11pm when people start repeating themselves and looking slightly blurry eyed (God that used to be me lol) waking up the next morning knowing I was sober is awesome. I often feel quite smug (though I know I shouldnt) but I am amazingly proud of myself that I went to the party, managed to catch up with friends and family (cos that's what's important) and escaped with my sobriety in tact.(I usually have an exit plan ready) Knowing they are suffering with an awful hangover, while I get to enjoy my weekend reminds me of why i am doing this and that feeling rocks!