Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 171

Not a great day.

Woke up fine - well, okay, woke up an hour too early then dozed till more or less time to get up thank you daylight savings time - but then crashed by lunchtime. Chest gunky, tired masquerading as sad, no concentration and oversensitive. Didn't get as much work done as I wanted although double-strength tea did help.

The thing which drove me nuts though was this: bought a roll of ribbon to use as the drawstring for the pajama bottoms I'm making for Youngest. Had it yesterday, set it on the sewing table. Tonight when I was ready for it...POOF! Gone. Went -nuts- looking for it. No use. That was when I decided to be done sewing for the night. Was getting irrationally worked up over the whole thing. Either it will turn up or it won't and I can always make a drawstring out of the fabric even if that -is- a bigger pain in the ass.

Still getting my steps in although today I did it in several shorter bursts instead of one long one and for a while this afternoon I really thought I might not make it...but I didn't want to break the streak or lose my momentum. Gee, I wonder where I've heard that before? :)

Anyhow I'm calling it quits on the day...early to bed means maybe I can sleep off the chest cruddiness. Gotta go vote on the way into work tomorrow.


  1. I was off today, too!
    Oversensitive, and stranger than I usually am!

  2. Could one of the beagles be responsible? For the ribbon I mean, not the voting ha ha. I find stuff "hidden" in one of my dogs bed, not chewed just kept there for (?) company.