Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 186

Not great most of today.

Teared up over an article about the Thanksgiving favorites of the America's Test Kitchen staff. Got me thinking of all the vile Thanksgivings Past. Also I'm already dreading the arrival of Scilla & Charybdis (MiL & her sister) for the meal itself. Sick of the chaos. Tired of the stupid tendinitis which gets better but not -enough- better. Ate way too much junk and called it dinner. Hate fucking turkey to eat. Hate even -having- Thanksgiving with Standing Rock turning so ugly but don't dare parade that opinion around the family. Got a big dose of the supermarket just now and it was a complete zoo....I swear it doesn't even -surprise- me that Trump got in. Somewhere along the way we let Big Business take over everything and instead of putting -thought- and -effort- into fixing it we just turned up the hate another notch and got more cheap throwaway shit from third world countries. Okay nuffa that...kicking soapbox back under couch now.


Things improved from that nadir. The aspirin kicked in for one thing and I finished my top for another. Even bathed one of the dogs which is never as big a deal as overcoming the mental hurdle to just -do- it is.

I -am- thankful for stuff; it just irks me to have it all rolled up and tied to one particular holiday. One of the things for which I am thankful is the sober blogosphere. It does make a difference...a big one.


  1. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving SamKD. Often the stress is in the lead up, so hope it gets better. You are doing an awesome job doing it all sober. A x

  2. I am not even cooking and I feel stressed!
    We are traveling which is stressful.
    I do wonder if there is a better way to celebrate this holiday.
    But being sober is better than drunk and hungover!!