Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 192

Tiring day.

Site visit at work: couple hours driving for less than an hour of meeting and another one tomorrow in a different direction. Spouse and Eldest back to other house. Made an appointment to get ankle/leg looked at tomorrow afternoon: two weeks is long enough. That triggered a whole bunch of "sick" issues which I don't feel like unpacking now other than to say it was a big achievement to actually go ahead and arrange to be seen and that I've been having to tell myself pretty regularly that I am not a burden or a whiner or a faker. It's kind of working.

No cravings but still eating too much - trying to cut myself a fair bit of slack as there has been the whole holiday chaos on top of pain thing going on...that's kind of working too though not as well.

Creeping toward the new personal best day of 203 bit by bit...that's working great. Have told myself that even if I don't move more than the bare minimum to get from bed to car to office and back again -while- eating a whole damned bag of cookies in a single setting that would all be okay - well, tolerable anyhow - as long as no booze was involved. This isn't a Total Health And Wellness Makeover Plan; this is a Quit Boozing Plan and doesn't need potentially derailing creeping elegance.

Second day in a row I wanted to play with fabric in the evening and was just too freaking tired when the time came...maybe I really -do- need to get the ankle/leg thing fixed up as it is definitely impacting my life. Something to ponder.

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  1. When my back is bad, it brings me down.
    I hope you can get some help for your leg!