Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 174

Long day.

Youngest is playing Baker's Wife in the high school production of Into The Woods and tonight was opening night. It was good and she was good in it. However even though I had heard of the show I had never seen the show so it came as a surprise to have her killed just offstage partway through the second act. Glad I went, of course, but it was a -long- show: three hours including intermission.

Earlier in the day I had a serious case of resentment over nothing I could put my finger on specifically but at least that went away.

The days are piling up; soon I will be at 6 months.


  1. The days are piling up! What day are you officially calling six months 186? That is what I am thinking.
    Oh I remember those long nights sitting in a school gym or town hall watching a production my daughter was in. 3-4 hours for about 5 minutes daughter facetime. Glad she did well.

    1. Well I'm calling 180 days six months as it is 6 x 30 but I am -also- calling Nov 21 my six-month soberversary as I quit on May 21. Two milestones are better than one, right?