Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 181

Moody day.

Relatively quiet at work but plenty of family drama. Getting better at at least recognizing and acknowledging my feelings even if I choose not to do anything about them. For someone who spent most of her life smothering "bad" feelings with food and booze this is still fairly big. Being able to sit  there in the same room with someone having negative feelings about them and not having a huge wave of shame/guilt while trying to get rid of the feelings is stunning. I -can- in fact think both bad -and- good feelings about the same person at the same time and that's okay. Probably normal, even.

Even now it is still hard to feel all the feelings but it gets easier bit by bit. Like the tendinitis.

1 comment:

  1. I can be mad at Mr. UT and love him all at the same time!
    He can feel the same with me!
    I think. Not sure what he thinks sometimes as he has a man brain!