Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 182

Rough day, emotionally speaking.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I absolutely hate Thanksgiving. Too many awful ones growing up, too many awful ones as a young adult, the history is questionable and it's not a vegetarian-friendly meal, even for us lacto-ovo types. Plus in-laws. Joy. I would so much rather order Chinese take-out and pretend I'd never heard of pilgrims. Maybe next year.

Overdid it yesterday and twisted funny this morning so the stupid leg was worse instead of better which didn't help either...and first thing tomorrow morning I have to take ABL to an appointment.

Also I feel like the only sober person on the planet. Well, in the county anyhow. Okay, fine: just the family...but it gets tiresome.

Fortunately I know to let things wash over me and through me till I can make an early bedtime of it which is exactly what I just did. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

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