Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 191

Still morning, actually.

It is great to wake up refreshed at quarter past six in a Sunday morning but it is even better to go back to sleep on the couch for another 90 minutes and still get the shopping put away before anyone else is up. Getting salad made and the yard picked up were just bonus. Since I have a Lunchable for ABL and dinner is still a big question mark, ALL my Actual Work of the day was done by ten in the morning...and not just done but done easily and in good spirits because I don't have that dizzy tired vaguely nauseated everything-sucks feeling. Totally worth it. I've even forgiven the dog.

I realize this feeling might not last the whole day but I wanted to note it now.

=Much Later=

Like twelve whole hours later. Glad I wrote something upbeat earlier as the day sort of soured on me...or maybe it was me souring on the day. In either case I ended up irked at most everything before falling asleep on the couch at nine. Have moved from couch to bed and am going right back to sleep as tomorrow begins a whole fresh week of early mornings again. Glad I'm far away from the "oh but it is the last day of the holiday - gotta enjoy it extra much" mentality that would have had me drinking "not -too- very much" even though (hell, because) I'm clearly tired and out of sorts.

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