Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 190

Some days you just throw in the towel and go to bed at quarter of nine.

Went to bed grumpy last night but the morning was just so good: Thanksgiving Saturday is a -particularly- nice morning to wake up fully functional and fit as the proverbial fiddle. Had been meaning all day to write about how nice it was to be at the bakery just before eight and get all the stuff done that I needed to do.

Then things spiraled downward. Stupid tendinitis flared badly right around the same time family tensions started flaring...they got loud-ish with one another while I reclined on the couch to get my foot elevated. Girl-beagle has always had a bean bladder and I'm Out Lady so she started carrying on to me to take her out and I made noises about someone else doing it as I didn't want to get up but through one thing and another it didn't happen and she curled up next to me...and peed all over me and the couch. Maybe she was asleep and it was the doggie version of wetting the bed or maybe it was on purpose but in any case that was freaking it for me. The couch is vinyl and had a sheet on it anyhow so no big deal there but I decided after my shower that I was All Done with today.

Which is the best kind of self care as I don't think sitting around watching others drink (again) was really going to be good for me anyhow: I would have gotten as grumpy or more so than last night and that's no way to be. This is better. Blankets, a book...all good.

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  1. Oh boy!
    That was a long day!
    I am glad you just called it a night!