Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 187

An up-and-down day.

Morning started off on an amusing note: the sewing I did earlier in the week was a scrub top from turkey-print fabric available only through Jo-Ann's. Yeah, well...the very first person I saw coming the other way was wearing the exact same scrub top I was! What are the odds?!!? Well, okay, she had a chest pocket with her name machine-embroidered on it but otherwise it was the same. I said "hey I like your shirt" while pointing at mine and we had a good laugh. Turns out she has a friend who makes the tops for her as sort of a "scrubs-of-the-month" club which I think is sweet...and the friend can have way more fun with it as the woman works in Pediatrics so she can be way more whimsical. 

So that was all good as was the reception it got in my own department - everyone liked the turkey top.

Home, on the other hand, not so hot. Much drama surrounding tomorrow's supposedly-festive meal. I'm pretty sick of all the fuss and it hasn't even happened yet. Plus I had passing drinking thoughts - nothing lasting or seeming very serious but there all the same. Was tired and achy and hungry when it happened and thinking about how everyone -else- in the family was indulging but for once I had kind of -expected- to be hit with That Voice so I was able to think it right through to how lousy I would feel on multiple levels in multiple ways and how not-worth-it that would be.

I'll sure be glad for it to be All Over tomorrow evening though...that is for certain sure.

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