Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 172

Election Day.

Voted on my way to work. Did my site visit and -some- of my other work but spent quite a bit of time just spinning my wheels. Now I've deliberately wandered away from CNN to bed -- there IS news to be heard but they are milking the uncertainty for all it is worth and I had a gutfull as my grandmother used to say.

Didn't drink...didn't even have the urge to drink despite being in a liquor store earlier this evening. Thought that would've hard but it was just "nah, none of this is for me any more." Totally -did- overdo on the starches and sugars today but that was a planned thing: with traveling and a fair bit of work on top of gee-it's-finally-here election weirdness I figured I should allow myself to fall back on more munching than usual.

And now to bed. Election results can go on without me.

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