Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 258

Long day.

Work way too busy: on top of everything else had a road trip to an affiliate site.

Spouse and Eldest arrived in the evening after a particularly lousy drive up (detour, construction, upset dog) so that was chaotic for a while...and I'm still fighting this sickness that keeps trying to funk my chest but good. So far I'm winning (thank you two decades of flu shots) but I had to use my inhaler twice in one day which is exceedingly unusual. Middle says there are influenza tip sheets all over his campus though and he himself was laid up for a solid four days so I suppose it all fits.

Spouse wanted rum and was even willing to go get it himself even though his back was acting up after the long car trip. Despite that thought earlier this week I didn't even think twice about going out and getting it and was actually more interested in what potential desserts the grocery store next to the liquor store might have. No interest whatsoever even while buying the Bacardi. I did, however, think to myself "gee, it's been so long since I was in here he got whole new help while I was gone" and that was a -good- feeling to have, lemme tell ya.

As for dessert I had an individual-sized coconut cream pie but made sure to also get single-serving mixed berry for another night.

Less than three weeks to my -nine- month Soberversary...that's kind of exciting. Persued online bakeries - wait, make that "bakeries which take online orders" today in anticipation of May...there are definitely some options. The one-year mark is starting to feel like A Thing which is really powerful.


  1. Yes!
    So glad you didn't run out and get it for him.
    That shows strength!
    YES. You can make it to a year!!
    I found the greatest gifts are coming now, into my second year.
    And I am SO much happier!!

  2. :) Overall definitely happier. Feels like the brain is very slowly re-wiring itself. I guess if you're starting with a computer made out of Jello it -will- take a while.

    1. LOL, yes, I feel the same about my brain!