Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 276

Decent day but had a lot of free-floating anger. Not sure what that is all about but it was of an intensity more like the first couple-three months of sobriety than here lately. Probably having so many family members with so much lifestuff going on is part of it and probably work is part of it and I know there is a big component of resentment but I just sort of rolled with it.

Part of rolling with it was doing prepackaged food for dinner and completely ignoring the dishes. Ended up eating a little too much - anger is still my biggest food trigger - but it wasn't a -lot- too much which is something I guess.

Tomorrow is my nine month soberversary. It's finally here - hooray! I'm planning to take myself to lunch though I'm also reserving the option to change my mind if I feel like it. But hey, nine months is a lot: half again as long as my previous longest time and more than double the longest time before that. Pretty cool.

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