Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 268

The cold not only didn't vanish but had gone into my chest. Joy.

Babying myself plenty though: carry out for dinner and minimal everything else. Bed for the night at 8pm. Trouble is that even with decongestant on board I get clogged lying down...and we haven't owned a recliner chair for a few years now - Youngest was a rocker so between her and two puppies in as many years the last one had a prematurely shortened lifespan. Sigh.

Oh and my computer monitor died earlier this week - that didn't even make the top five of the chaos list. That's part of why I haven't been making the blog rounds although only part - the biggest reason is that I haven't done -anything- more than stay sober for about a month now. Had that nice vacation at the beginning g of January but ever since it has been chores-then-horizontal every single night. Put a tablecloth on top of the fabric I laid out on the dining room table -before- my vacation because I caught a cat lying on it..actually finishing the layout and cutting just wasn't even a consideration.

Survival mode sober is still way better than the drinking life. Even with bronchitis.

And now book till my sleep aid kicks in.


  1. Hi Sam!
    Your household sounds very interesting!
    But, as Ginger said, you are doing great!
    And survival mode sober is better...cats, colds and all!

  2. Sober is always better. Takes quite a while to reach that point but it's worth the trek and very true.