Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 277

Nine month soberversary! Woot!

And only you, blogfriends, even know about it. Family is so full of different stuff going on here and there with varying degrees of chaos and angst that I didn't even mention it.

Which isn't to say I didn't celebrate. ...not only did I take myself to lunch but I also ordered three new scrubs jackets for work. Plus read a whole bunch of a good book and let the family fend for their own dinner. It was a pretty good day, all in all.

Totally looking forward to ten months and learned today that the next solar eclipse is on -August- 21 which will be my 15-month soberversary--how cool is that?

I'm still keeping vigilant and not getting complacent though...the daily blogging is the biggest part of that. Another thing: today the restaurant was having a big lunch rush and I opted to wait ten or so minutes for a table rather than be seated at the bar immediately. I didn't think that staring at a whole lot of booze bottles -or- sitting next to people with real drinks was any kind of even half-good idea.

Mocha mousse on the other hand...that was a great idea.


  1. Happy 9th month wooo hooooo.
    So glad you waited for a table, you deserve a table. I feel a little sad you didn't tell the family, you know best whether telling them would actually prove to be a disappointment than a joy.
    I'm just about to finish a good book tonight T have let reading take over from blog reading and commenting.

  2. Thanks for kind words! And reading is a -fine- thing to do instead of blogging. Not only are books excellent portable flexible start/stop entertainment but they reinforce sobriety because you can't keep up with a plot buzzed and can't keep up with the words themselves drunk.

  3. Happy 9 Months!!
    This is wonderful.
    I am glad you celebrated!
    You deserve it!

  4. Congratulations on 9 months. That is fantastic! x