Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 259

Not a great day but I'm piled under two blankets with two dogs so it is better now.

Work lousy. Phone meeting at 10 -really- lousy. Definitely fighting off sickness; mostly winning.

Home total chaos for a while. Two cats, two dogs, six humans.

Finally heard back about my lab work: surgeon not doing anything,even ordering the neck ultrasound, till Endocrine has weighed in and that appointment isn't till mid-April. On the one hand I suppose that is good but on the other I still have the flimsy bones more likely to break. So it goes.

Part of the family drinking again tonight - still no desire on my part though I caught myself hitting the sweet stuff more than usual. Not beating myself up about it though as all things considered it isn't that big a deal.

Grateful the family is letting me call it a night early (not even nine) and doesn't feel rejected or anything. Grateful it is Friday and I do -not- have to work in the morning.

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