Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 281

Long day.

Dog woke me around 1am, got a later start on the 300 mile drive than I wanted and then there was a wretched detour. Got rained on too.

But I survived it all and the payoff is a whole day in the other house which is orders of magnitude newer, cleaner, calmer and emptier. Not driving back till Monday.

At the peak of the detour awfulness I did briefly think about drinking- something along the lines of " I want a drink so bad when this is done" but I think it was more just a stress reaction than serious as I didn't really have a concrete thought of what the drink would be just a sort of vague urge...and since we were in the middle of a eight lane highway at the time it was easy to ignore. By the time I could have acted the urge was long gone.

The urge to sleep, though...that one is pretty overwhelming right now. Looking forward to it too - I sleep better here than anywhere else.


  1. I rarely have urges anymore, but when I do, I know they are just thoughts, and I have other ways to cope.