Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 274

Emotional day.

Could be any combination of accumulated stress, sickness, hormones, all-day non-drowsy allergy medicine or plain ol' resentment but today has been super sized crabby with a big side of sad. Woke up just annoyed as hell and everything the family did or didn't do irritated me more.

Wisely got out of the house as soon as the library opened: I'm getting better at figuring out how to deal with unpleasant emotions in ways that don't involve messy loud blowups. For the first time in Just Ages I nearly started crying in the car. However after getting my library books I ran into a total of four separate people I know which was just the sort of distracting I needed...and the Radio Gods arranged for a particular favorite of mine to be playing for the ride home.

Finally after many weeks finished sewing the pants I had started ages ago. NOT a good time. The crabby irritable frustrated thing didn't add much overall. Neither did the fact that they didn't fit very well after they were done, either...but the whole project was basically to see if I -could- make a pair of pants and the answer was yes. Even if it took me ten minutes and two videos to figure out I had attached the buttonhole foot backwards.

Got briefly excited thinking about getting back to the scrub tops which DO fit. Then I realized that the dining room table was in use for computer assembly...and my fabric layout was under the tablecloth under the computers. THAT project will have to be on hold a while. Probably just as well given my vile mood.

Wisely got pizza for dinner - if you're already hip deep in bad mood the last thing you wanna be doing is having to deal with feeding more than the usual number of people. Now I'm calling it a night at eight freaking o'clock. Well, not entirely as I have a load in the washing machine but I've bundled down on the couch under an afghan with my book and if I fall asleep gee shucky-durn.