Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 257

Busier but better day.

Got called twice in the night about work stuff which almost never happens. Was able to get back to sleep both times though so that was good. Woke up with a sore throat but attributed it to sleeping on my back with my mouth open and then forgot all about it once I crossed the threshold into my department because it was just one thing after another all day most of it having to do with a really difficult administrator at an affiliate site.

Given yesterday evening I remained in Highly Protective Mode and didn't let myself get very hungry or the least little bit thirsty at all the entire day...and ordered carry-out for dinner.

Good thing I did too because right after dinner I crashed really hard. Like a windup toy all wound down: legs achy, back achy, NO energy, freezing cold and gunked-up chest. Rested on the couch till I could manage a nice hot shower and have now called it a night at not even quite eight. Flu is widespread in our area and I suspect this is the version one gets after two decades of annual flu shots. Or maybe it is something else entirely but whatever it is I don't mind letting it win tonight.

No thoughts/urges/cravings at all today for what that's worth. I suppose it is like breaking up in a small town: you can't really expect to -never- see the ex again but you can sure cross the street and go the other way.

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