Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 266

Bah. Wrote too soon about healthy.

Woke up with itchy/tingly/sneezy right nostril and managed to convince myself for a whole 90 minutes it was just allergies but then spent the whole rest of the day blowing and sneezing. Good thing I had exceedingly little Actual Work today.

Early in the morning I had that weird burst of energy that comes right before one gets sick and actually thought I'd spend the whole weekend sewing all the lengths of fabric I have - clearly that was delusional.

Despite the cold I was really grateful for two things today: one minor and one major. The minor one was that they had broccoli cheddar quiche for breakfast in the cafeteria. The major one is that I don't have any truly -serious- illness. That latter was triggered when I wAlked by someone doing their home-oxygen-necessity test in the hallway...and I realized that routine aches and pains aside, I still CAN take for granted the ability to walk pretty much wherever pretty much whenever.

Time for sleep though...or at least attempting sleep. So happy I can sleep as much as I like tomorrow. No plans of any kind. Seems stunning now that not so long ago I would have thought drinking on top of sickness was a fine thing to do but I would have. Probably something along the lines of "it will take my mind off how miserable I feel." This way is so much better.


  1. Ugghh you have just brought back a memory of me in bed sick with a cough (surprise) and drinking to give myself a little bit of pleasure and 4 hours coma-sleep followed by 6 hours coughing, coughing and wishing I could sleep. Ended up with walking pneumonia and always have wondered if I hadn't drunk would it have gotten as bad.
    Yay for the broccoli cheddar quiche and the being able to breathe at will.

  2. Oh I used to drink on top of sickness -all- the time...offshoot of that whole "hot toddy" mentality. Also "well I'm already sick; can't get any worse, right?" Of course I drank when not sick too.