Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 279

A good day.

Objectively speaking I ought to be saying it was a lousy day as work exploded with all kinds of ick -- the stuff I had planned to finish by 10:30 this morning didn't even get started till 2:30 and some of it isn't done yet. Home also hugely complicated.

But...I just rolled with it all and didn't ever get seriously angry. Well, okay, I did for maybe five or ten minutes when I  got a seriously condescending email but I breathed it off. Long term sobriety is really good for anger issues apparently.

Had a serious flash of anger at home too when there were too many people in the kitchen but I solved that one by not just getting out of the kitchen but out to finally-finally- cut out the fabric that's been on the table six weeks or more. Then when I -did- get the kitchen back I made brownies.

Most productive evening I've had in two solid months.

But now it is late and I need to start unwinding for sleep. Good sleep which I now take pretty much for granted...though I shouldn't as it truly is one of life's pleasures and health benefits.