Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day 265

A little easier.

Slept really poorly but woke up for the day overall healthier. Work easier and home somewhat less chaotic. The dog-cat conflict seems to have reached detente...for a while at least.

Still kind of withdrawn, still eating too many carbs and sweets and not moving nearly enough but I'm at least a baby step or maybe even two away from the pure "hunker down and aggressively baby myself to get through life sober" stage of this past week.

Haven't had inclination to do -any- of my hobbies for a freaking month now - did I blog about that already? - but figure the spark will come back eventually. For now I'm happy not to be totally exhausted and crashing hard for the night at just past dinner.


  1. I have a cold, too, and found myself eating chips for breakfast, which is a no-no for my kidney stones.
    Interesting how your bodies reach for carbs, salt, sweets when we are sick.
    It sounds as if you have plenty on your plate, and so just getting good rest, and relaxation sounds like enough right now!

  2. Feel better! I too crave chips when sick; have my whole life.