Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 108

An easier day. Much.

Only had two tasks on the To Do list (fix lamp & clean bathroom) so anything else was extra.

Potential last minute changing of long-set plans got me way upset earlier this evening but again I sat with the emotions (okay I was lying down on the couch) and eventually I became more calm. I'm learning that one doesn't necessarily need to do or say anything about anything really...and sometimes "wait and see" is a fine choice.

Over a decade ago I used to follow the blog of a twentysomething man in recovery and somewhere in his journey he learned the following test for speaking: Does it have to be said at all? Does it have to be said by -me-? Does it have to be said by me -right-now-?  Left a deep impression on me (as you can tell.) Just the act of sorting through those questions gives perspective.

Ate a bunch of the Good Cookies today too. It is so nice to have a really tasty quality thing to satisfy the sweet tooth. I hope the rest of the dough turns out okay after having been frozen since that's what I did with it.

Picked up my knitting for the first time in months; that was nice too.

Starting to feel centered. Hope it lasts.


  1. I like your man's advice about speaking. If something bugs me it eats me up inside until I can't help myself. Remaining mindful is one of the challenges I will be facing. x

  2. Ditto. Because I like thoughts on the outside rather than the inside...I get into trouble. I'm going to write those rules down. I struggle to balance being supportive with truthful...or at least my version of the truth!

  3. Those are good questions!
    I am glad your day was better today!