Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 125

Hard day; easier night.

Work is really kicking my ass lately and I get to end the week with not just one but two unpleasant meetings tomorrow.  Joy. Spent more of the day than I would have liked spinning my wheels trying to get into some kind of productive mindset.

Once I got home things got better though: shower, easy dinner, relaxing. Self-care is starting to become more ingrained, I think.

No major insights other than thinking I'd better take myself to lunch next week.


  1. Would the week have been better if you'd been drinking or hungover and feeled with self-loathing? Can you look back and pinpoint things you know for sure you wouldn't have been able to accomplish if you'd still been drinking. I bet when you look back you're realize you deserve two lunches with dessert included. Sobriety isn't always fun but it's always "right."

  2. I am glad you are taking care of yourself!
    I did today, too!